We put at your disposal our best selection of luxury limousines, our vehicles are all of Mercedes modelsand are suitable for all your personal or professional needs, for business or entertainment, we provide you with classy cars equipped with the latest technologies together with opulent features. You can browse our outstanding fleet and select your preferred vehicle foryour unforgettable experience.



With Fangase, you will enjoy the most luxurious transportation experience within our exclusive limousines.


Fangase Limo guarantees your safety on the road as well as the full privacyand confidentiality of your personal data and belongings.


We fully respect your time schedule, so be certain that you will reach your destination without any delays and with care.


We employ highly experienced,friendly and skilledchauffeurs who will provideyou with theexcellent driving experience.

Mercedes E Class

This outstanding limousine embodies a modern style and refined sportsmanship. It is endowed with exceptional lightness, innovative interior design and very advanced equipment.

Mercedes S Class

With both prestigious exterior and breath-taking interior design together with its boosted performance, this luxury limousine is suitable for all your transportation needs.

Mercedes Maybach

Travel in class, theMaybach features exclusive leather equipment, noble wood decorative inserts, upgraded performance, a wide bumper and a grille proudly displaying the name of its brand.

Mercedes V Class

The V class is a spacious high end limousine, families can travel in an even more relaxed atmosphere, adventure and leisure enthusiasts live each journey with unparalleled intensity.

Mercedes Sprinter

The Sprinter has multiple support systems for driving which is exemplary in terms of safety and comfort. It is an archetype in terms of appearance, thanks to its cutting edge design.